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About RebarMan

Reinforcement Bar Management Software

RebarMan is a complete Rebar & RMC execution control software. Its handles multiple projects @ multiple locations and centralized database at the HQ or @ sites. Its an efficient tool to save the steel and wastage of materials. It records and reports as & when we need. Instant updates, Project progress control and site can be managed with minimum man power. It stores all the data on project and level wise at a centralized location. Its very useful for future estimations and finance controls. We are confident the Rebar-Man is a productive tool in order to deliver the timely output and also save and records of time and money.

BBS on RebarMan

Why choose us?

RebarMan offers complete solution to your construction projects under one roof. We can help you to improve speed, efficiency, and overall productivity using simplest methods you have ever seen.

An Associate You Can Always Trust

We are here to simplify and streamline the most complex construction projects you undertake. Our solutions create value for your business and increase the customer trust in your deliverables.

Customer Support Committed to Your Advantage

We provide instant response to your every query, need and want; no matter how simple or complex.

Our Experience is Your Principal Asset

You can take up large size projects which need to be implemented in multiple locations. Our experience will guide you from the first step to the completion of project and after. We also support small projects.

Special Customized Templates of RebarMan

Our customized templates can inspire all your projects from a residential foundation to the largest industrial and infrastructural constructions. Click, choose, drag and drop.

Responsive to Your Business Expansion

Our services are compliant with your organizational growth. We push your progress higher and further.

Perfect Platform for Your Projects

Planning, Designing, implementing and troubleshooting your project procedures are simplified like never before. With the RebarMan system on your fingertips, you can control the entire project at every point of planning and implementation.

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